The Future of Shrimp Aquaculture

ENVOFEED is a biotechnology company, and leading Aquatic Feed and Aqua Healthcare Products Producer.

Our scientific research and breakthrough technology introduced new compound called “Phytobiotics “ into Indian aquaculture


3 Core Pillars of our High-Quality Shrimp Feed Manufacturing are Quality Control Process, High Quality Machinery, and Computer Automation of Machinery. While Machinery manufactures feed, Quality Control and Automation are intermixed in many steps to ensure highest quality feed.

ENVOFEED takes pride in the quality of our products.Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control department uses a hands-on approach to ensure that our products are top notch. After ensuring high quality, the feeds are packed into bags in perfect measures and safely transported to customers

ENVOFEED uses a state-of-the-art fully automated process that is completely controlled by a computer based system. Only the best quality raw material that passes our stringent standards will go into our feed.

We use a precision computer automated batching system to get accurate weights for every batch. ENVOFEED is committed to producing nutritionally-balanced and high quality feed.

Research & Development

ENVOFEED, has been performing its own research to develop products and technologies in order to improve the performance and sustainability of shrimp farming, while meeting the increasing demand for quality shrimp feed. Our research focuses on aquatic species and delves into their behavioural and physiological needs and living environment.

This research results in the development of Healthy Premium Feeds and High Performing Health care products which enhance natural biological activities, animal growth speed, palatability, feeding efficiency, immunity, anti-stress reactions, survival rate and intestinal health. Our R&D unit has designed compound solutions to comprehensively build up natural defence mechanisms of cultured animals.

ENVOFEED is committed to continuously innovating feed development strategies, to better cater to different species’ nutritional needs in the different stages of life cycle. Special research programs focus on the development of feed for new species, while others evaluate the physical quality of feed in terms of size, shape, crumble, dust, water absorption, swelling/cracking rate, and sinking speed.

Success Stories of our Farmer's

After Successful harvests of our ENVOFEED comparing with commercial feeds at several Commercial shrimp farms in India and other countries demonstrated significant improvement in shrimp growth, survival and feed conversion rates, even in the presence of major diseases like WSSV and White Feces Syndrome.