The Future of Shrimp Aquaculture

Our Story

envoFEED premium vannamei feed manufactured and marketed by Envozyme Technologies Private Limited in collaboration with Envozyme LLC, USA, is the best-in-class products and solution provider in biological safety and probiotic domains. Envozyme offers quality-driven biological products and aquaculture probiotics with special emphasis to get good yield, control over total organic matter. Our probiotics feeds improve cell immunity, control diseases, and upkeep the shell syndrome.  Envofeed practices are going to become more intensive and will depend increasingly on nutritious and effective feeds comprising superior quality ingredients. To meet this challenge, we provide a wide variety of scientifically formulated and completely balanced nutritional solutions for economically important aquatic species.


EnvoFeeds constantly strives to achieve customer satisfaction through effective implementation of the Quality Management System in the manufacture and supply of quality aqua feed. The Quality Control Wing performs extensive investigations to measure and improve the quality of our products. It makes sure that no compromise is made with quality during the production process. 


3 Core Pillars of our High-Quality Shrimp Feed Manufacturing are Quality Control Process, High Quality Machinery, and Computer Automation of Machinery. While Machinery manufactures feed, Quality Control and Automation are intermixed in many steps to ensure highest quality feed. envoFEED uses a state-of-the-art fully automated process that is completely controlled by a computer based system.

Research & Development

envoFEED, has been performing its own research to develop products and technologies in order to improve the performance and sustainability of shrimp farming, while meeting the increasing demand for quality shrimp feed. Our research focuses on aquatic species and delves into their behavioural and physiological needs and living environment.

Success Stories of our Farmer's

After Successful harvests of our envoFEED comparing with commercial feeds at several Commercial shrimp farms in India and other countries demonstrated significant improvement in shrimp growth, survival and feed conversion rates, even in the presence of major diseases like WSSV and White Feces Syndrome.