Why you choose us?

Shrimp is one of the most valuable aquacultured species in the world. The rising consumption of seafood which includes shrimp because of various health benefits including brain health and heart health improvement. According to World Wildlife, farmed shrimp estimates for 55% of the shrimp produced globally. However, global farmed shrimp production has been negatively impacted by several major viral, bacterial, parasitic and nutritionally deficiency diseases to overcome these serious issues and to help farmers


Envozyme Technologies Pvt Ltd started manufacturing ENVOFEED A premium shrimp feed contains high quality raw materials enriched with Phytobiotics. After several years of research, testing and continued product and process development, we started commercial production of our shrimp feed under the brand name of EnvoFeed in India.

For the last three years we have conducted – and continue to do so – extensive testing of our product ENVOFEED in several countries with the support of many shrimp farmers. Our proprietary technology, Scientific approach helps us to Source high quality raw materials like Phytobiotics , Fish Meal , Krill meal , Squid liver powder and Hypro Soya etc and other nutritional Products into high-value animal feed products so that we can produce high-performance feeds at a competitive cost. Our EnvoFeed and Healthcare Products are effective for boosting the overall health and immunity of animals.

Why we choose Phytobiotics?

Phytobiotics can be defined as plant derived products added to feed in order to improve the health performance of animals. The phytobiotics have a wide variety of properties such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, analgesic, insecticidal, antiparasitic, anticoccidial, growth promoters, appetite enhancement, stimulant of secretion of bile and digestive enzyme activity, immunity enhancer etc. Phytobiotics produce active substances like Sabinene, Ammameldehyde, Eugenol, Cinook, Capsaicin, Zingerole, Piperine, Allicin, Cineole, Thymol, Menthol, Azadirachtin, salanin numbin etc.

Importance of Phytobiotics in Multifunctional Activities of Shrimp

Stimulation of feed intake and digestive secretions
Antimicrobial and Parasitical activities
Stimulation of the immune system
Antioxidant activity
Phytobiotic functional feed additives can affect various parasitic infections in shrimp and prevent external protozoan diseases.
The phytobiotic compounds promote the better growth rate in shrimp and fish.
Natural Growth Promoter