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Vannamei Feed

Our shrimp trials continue as we expand our commercial presence in major shrimp farming areas, and we are also involved in and expanding our research efforts to other commercially- important species like Indian Major Carps ,salmon and trout, tilapia, pangasius, pompano, yellowtail, barramundi and others to responsibly support the improvement of key production parameters, and industry sustainability and profitability.

Salient Features of EnvoFeed

  • ENVOFEED can improve immune response and other physiological responses.
  • ENVOFEED promotes the growth, development and health of farmed shrimp.
  • ENVOFEED support the animals’ responses against oxidative stress, susceptibility to some disease and environmental stressors like water quality, temperature, fluctuations of oxygen and salinity.
  • ENVOFEED aid the function of the gastrointestinal tract function, including rapid repair of the gut, and improved flora.
  • ENVOFEED contains Phytobiotics (immune-stimulants ), enzymes, mycotoxin binders, organic acids, probiotics/prebiotics, nucleotides and others.

Major raw materials of ENVOFEED play an important role in animal growth during the early stages because of fast growth and cellular replication; in enhancing disease resistance and tolerance to stress; in supporting and promoting innate and adaptive immunity; in the biosynthesis of non-essential amino acids. Dietary protein of ENVOFEED promote shrimp growth and performance, and the effects of such feeding of young shrimp is reflected in improved specific growth rates and weight gains to harvest sizes. Improved feed conversion rates and more efficient utilisation of lipids and proteins have also been reported. EnvoFeed also improves the efficiency of digestion and nutrient absorption.